Sunday, January 12, 2014

Matt Wolfe Article Top Story in Today's Currents Section of the Inquirer

27th Ward Leader Matt Wolfe submitted the following article on behalf of the Philly GOP Policy Committee and it was the top story above the fold in today's Currents Section - Excellent Work Matt!

What about top-level home-rule double-dippers?

POSTED: Sunday, January 12, 2014, 2:02 AM
Philadelphia's inspector general, Amy Kurland, recently announced the results of an investigation that led to 13 city employees being fired from their part-time jobs.
Section 8-301 of the Home Rule Charter forbids most city employees from holding another office or "position of profit" with the city or another government agency. The 13 employees held two government jobs, which Kurland referred to as double-dipping. One example was a School District teacher who also worked part time at a city recreation center. None of them was accused of not working both jobs, just violating the charter.
Some of the employees held both jobs for years, reporting them as required. Doesn't matter, says Kurland. "Our job is to discover situations where the rules and regulations are not being followed," she said, "and these are one."
Kurland is not done. She asked crusading City Controller Alan Butkovitz to assist in conducting a citywide audit for other violations of the charter. He should have plenty of time to do that, since he admits he does not perform the yearly financial audits of every city agency that the charter requires he perform. Maybe that could be the first violation of the charter that he can "find."
I, too, am a stickler for the rules. I may not have the investigative resources of the inspector general, but I am always willing to step up and help the city I love. The inspector general found 13 employees. I wondered what I could find. I proceeded to conduct an exhaustive investigation to see whether I could find any employees holding down two city jobs.
Well, in the interests of full disclosure, the search was not all that exhaustive. I just went to the city website:
I found one quickly: Richard Negrin, the managing director. He also holds down the job (with a separate salary - remember the charter language of "position of profit"?) of deputy mayor for administration and coordination. Then I found another: Alan Greenberger, the director of commerce. He is also the deputy mayor for economic development. And then there was Donald F. Schwarz, the health commissioner. He is also the deputy mayor for health and opportunity.

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