Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to fix land-bank bill - an Inquirer OpEd by Adam Lang

By Adam LangPhiladelphia needs to address its vacant, blighted, and neglected land problem. City Council says it is working on the issue with proposed land-bank legislation, but it is hard to believe the current bill would solve the problems.
To make real gains in getting land into reuse, three things need to happen. First, Council needs to get out of the way. Second, the mayor's office has to get serious about land sales and push city employees to get the job done. Third, the process needs to be open to everyone.
Here's what currently takes place:
I recently looked into acquiring a piece of city-owned land. I went to the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA) website to look up what properties it has for sale in my area. After I discovered that only the "developers" link works, I was able to bring up a list of properties. I found one adjacent to where I live listed "for sale." Of course, the list price is twice what the city has appraised it for.
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